Frequently Asked Questions About CPR

Most frequently asked questions regarding CPR are some of the following:

When should I call for help?
If it is an adult, it is important to perform 5 cycles of CPR and then call 911.
If it is a child, call 911 immediately and begin CPR.

How many compressions are in one cycle?
30 compressions per cycle

How long are the breaths?
When you give two breaths, each breath should be a full second, if the breaths are given to an adult, you would need to give big breaths and if the breaths are given to an infant, you would have to give very small breaths.

Do i have to allow the chest to recoil each time when i compress the chest?
Yes, it is very important to let the chest recoil each time because it enables the heart refilling, as opposed to incomplete recoil can reduce the level of blood flow which is crated by compressions.

What is the time of completion of 1 cycle of CPR?
It should be about 22 seconds for the completion of 1 cycle and minor interruptions, if there is any interruptions try to keep the interruption at less than 10 seconds.

How many cycles of CPR?
30 compressions and 2 breaths completes a full cycle, the cycle is then repeated again for  four more times and after you reach 5 cycles of CPR you want to re-assess pulse.

What do I do after I complete 5 cycles of CPR and the person does not have a pulse?
You want to complete another 5 cycles and continue performing CPR until paramedics arrive.

Do you think you’ll know what to do if someone collapses? What the first steps to take are? Have you though about learning how to perform CPR? It is never too late to get trained, learn the proper skills and help save a life.