Chest Compressions and Spray Bottles

We all know what a spray bottle looks like right? And we all know what chest compressions look like right? but do we fully understand the purpose of chest compressions and how they work? Think of a spray bottle and the technique on how it is used, you let the spray bottle recoil each time to ensure you get a full spray every time right? When you do chest compressions for CPR is the same technique, during each compression you let the chest recoil each time to allow the chambers in the heart to refill with blood (just like a full spray).

When using spray bottle if you squeeze too quickly and don’t allow it to recoil then you definitely aren’t getting a full spray. If you do too many compressions too quickly, you aren’t giving enough time for the blood to circulate and make it back into the heart.

So, next time you are practicing chest compressions, remember the spray bottle technique so that you’ll remember to let the chest recoil each time.

The information in this post is general information and it is not health advice. In case of emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.