C.A.B. works with CPR? Are you ready?

C.A.B. works with CPR? Are you ready?

The American Heart Association uses C.A.B.

C = Compressions
A = Airway
B = Breathing

By remembering this mnemonic, you will know where to start and what to do in an emergency situation when CPR is needed. Always remember to check for pulse, if no pulse, begin compressions which is your “C”,  the compressions will help restore circulation and by tilting the head, and lifting the chin you are performing your  “A” because, you are opening the airway and checking for any breathing. Pinch the nose before you give your two full breaths to ensure all the air from the breaths is going into the lungs. While giving two full breaths, you are performing your “B” for breathing, then resume compressions.


Compressions Airway Breathing

Imagine an emergency situation and not knowing where to begin? you panic and realize you don’t quite remember which step take to begin CPR. You have to keep in mind, during an emergency situation time is very valuable because, five minutes without oxygen and the person can become brain-dead. How do you try to prevent that? you react quick and begin CPR and begin with C.A.B. The use of C.A.B will save you time and will help you begin proper CPR immediately.

The information on this post is general information and it is not health advise, in case of an emergency situation please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.